About Us

Tempo Medical Products is a manufacturer of quality and cost efficient consumable medical supplies and diagnostic devices.

Our Price

At Tempo Medical Products, our goal is to help reduce the cost of healthcare and provide premium products that will enhance quality of care.

Our Customer Service

The cornerstone of Tempo Medical Products is our unparalleled customer service, responsiveness and support. Our staff is committed to ensuring every customer’s need is met with efficiency. We take pride in providing our customers quality products at competitive prices, while supporting their every delivery and supply chain need. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

Our Inventory

We understand modern-day business models limit the ability to carry excessive inventory, so we maintain and manage our inventory to ensure extremely high fill rates. You can reorder at any time and we will deliver within days. Orders are welcomed via fax, email or phone.

Thank you for considering Tempo Medical Products. Our desire is to help you customize solutions and provide products that will exceed your expectations.

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